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Grassy Meadows
Easton, CT
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Grassy Meadows of Easton Lawn Care will begin its 2015 season when the snow melts and the lawns firm-up. We offer numerous services for lawn care, tick control, and shrub care.

Easton Lawn Care:

1.   Fertilizer applications
2.   Broadleaf weed treatments
3.   Pre-emergent weed control
4.   Insect control
5.   Disease and fungus treatments
6.   Winterizer
7.   Soil conditioners
8.   Soil testing
9 .  Lime

Easton Tick Control:

Grassy Meadows of Easton Tick Control service consists of 4 applications every 60 days throughout the season for year long control.  Customers may opt for fewer applications, but only those customers who have paid for 4 applications will be covered by the GrassyMeadow guarantee.  This guarantee means that any additional sprays needed beyond 4 will be done at no charge.

Easton Shrub Care:

Grassy Meadows of Easton Shrub Care will also begin treatments once the snow melts and winter's bite is behind us.

1.   Oil applications
2.   Insect treatments
3.   Foliage spraying
4.   Deep root injections
5.   Fertilizing

Grassy Meadows is the best choice for all of your lawn care, shrub care, and tick control needs. Our Easton Lawn Care services will leave your grass lush and green, while our Easton Tick Control will keep your family and pets safe. Finally, our Easton Shrub Care will keep your shrubs and flowering trees looking their best.

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